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Chiropractic is for all from babies to children, athletes, pregnant women, business people and 130 year olds. Your Chiropractor will tailor-make your treatment so that it perfectly suits you whether you are a child or a builder
All ages
Your first visit

During your consultation with the Chiropractor she will take a comprehensive case history and ask you about your current and past health problems. She will also enquire about your family history of health problems. The examination will then follow which involves Chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological tests. The Chiropractor will also do a detailed analysis of your alignment, how the individual joints and bones move and how the muscles are functioning. X-Rays will be taken if the need is indicated clinically.


If, following the examination, it is clear that Chiropractic treatment can help, then the Chiropractor will give you a verbal report of findings and treatment will commence. Treatment consists of gently adjusting the stiff joints by hand. At Hald Chiropractic Clinic we use Sacro Occipital Techniques (SOT). SOT is a very gentle Chiropractic system of removing the cause of nerve malfunction using minimum force to restore and maintain health. It works on the relationship between the Sacrum and the Occipital which both pump the cerebral spinal fluid that provides essential nutrients to the nervous system. SOT addresses the spine, the extremities (limbs), the organs and the cranium.
Your treatment programme is always individually designed for you. Chiropractic treatment is for everybody from babies, children, pregnant, to the elderly.

Three stages of treatment

The treatment plan is normally divided into three parts:

Acute care
This is the first stage of the treatment when the patient is in pain or discomfort. At this stage you may need to get treated frequently and treatment is aimed at providing immediate pain relief. Initial care at this stage can last from a few days to several weeks, depending on the problem.

When the joints, muscles and nerves start to function better and the pain as a result of this is less you start with rehabilitaion. You will get treated less frequently and given a exercises regime in order to stabilise and strengthen the spine. Here the main aim is to maintain joint mobilityand strengthen the muscles.

Maintenance care When the Chiropractor is happy that the spine is functioning optimally check-ups are often recommended in order to maintain the improvements which you have achieved and also to help
prevent reoccurrences. Any problems can be detected and corrected before you start to experience
pain and disability again.

How long you decide to benefit from Chiropractic care is naturally always up to you.
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